Proposal, addendum

As well as the basic proposal, we included CVs, bios and images of our work to enable the gallery committee and coordinator to make a fair assessment on whether or not we were shooting wide of the broadside of the barn.

So the complete proposal contained:

  • idea and theme summary
  • brief synopsis on how we were going to illustrate the idea
  • photos (slides or a CD of digital photos are the norm) of the types of work we do and have done, to enable the gallery to visualise (to at least some extent) how the show will look and fit together stylistically
  • artist bios
  • cvs
  • gallery requirements (how will the stuff hang? what special display items might eb needed?)

Also developed, mostly for our own usage, was a timeline of how things we to be completed well in time for arrangement and hanging.

As with anything, the process alters the final product to a certain extent. You may start on a journey and reach your ultimate destination in due course, but the route changes as you go and the place that you end up turns out to be the very place you were headed, but somehow not quite what you’d expect.

More on modifications later, but none were particularly substantial.


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