“Interesting” Photos

Interesting Favourites (to date!), originally uploaded by VickyTH.

Flickr (cool place where I post my amateur photographic endeavours and have encountered a number of very cool people from all over the world) has a unit of measurement for photos called “inteerestingness?. The detailed explanation is here, but in a nutshell, it has to do with the number of comments, views and favourites your photos get, along with some other indiscernable unit of measurement (possibly groups posted to, words appearing in comments?)

Anyway, to make the top 500 in any given day is a cool thing. I’ve done it a few times and here are the results. They vary from week to week and month to month, of course, as people go back and look at old photos they’ve only just discovered. I’ll post one of these periodically, just to show what I’ve done that folks on the internet photo community of Flickr think is any good


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  1. Shelly says:

    Great site Vicky!

    I made the banner to my site flicker.. and lots of playing around with Photoshop!

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