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  1. sarai says:

    I noticed you made today’s top ten!! I am walking away from the computer now. Must not play anymore. Hoo boy.

  2. Vickyth=1480120, when I checked just now. Fortunately this is like Bejeweled by Popcap, by which my brain was et some time ago. The most recent cranial predator at my house is Krazy Mazes, at http://www.kaser.com/kmazes.html . Several others from this author are good, too.

  3. vickyth says:

    The beguiling thing about Skullstax is that it keeps giving you bonus time for good performance, so that you can actually finish a level with more time than you’d started with. This means that it always looks like you have *only* 3-4 minutes left to play. If you play well enough, it goes on forever. I quit at 1 480 120 by leaving it to time out because I’d been playing that particular game on and off for all of yesterday evening and this morning. I’m convinced that making the top ten is a matter more of reaction and endurance than any intellectual skill.

    It’s still intoxicating, though….

  4. I wanna check it out but, I’m afraid I’ll get massivly addicted and not get anything done…


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