Come on, Men!

Okay, last night was night two of the “guys get together and watch weird movies” night. Our friend Larry has a bizarre fetish (actually, he has several that I’ve head about, but I’m only posting one here) about bad cinematography and film. He has a collection of wacky, weird and wild films, some of which have artistic merit and some (most) of which don’t that he enjoys watching for kicks. He invites John and Bob over to have a gander at the show, because three guys laughing is way better than one guy laughing and his wife rolling her eyes.

Okay, so far I get it. I get the watching the original King Kong. I understand the deep-seated need foran episode or two of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I can even grasp why one might watch The Science of Ten. What I cannot for the life of me fathom is why three married men feel the need to watch Walt Disney’s The Story of Menstruation.

Guys, that’s pathetic. Really sad. What’s especially sad is that you picked a version that completely skipped your part in the whole process. No diagrams of leering sperm swimming their little tails off. No couples crawling awkwardly into the missionary position. No how-to manual….

You watched a (literally) Mickey Mouse version of the mechanations of the female reproductive system that cut men out of the picture entirely.

What do you do for an encore? 


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  1. Walt Disney has a movie called “The Story of Menstruation”. That’s definatly one thing I never thought I’d read in my life…

    … and it was watched by 3 married men…


  2. I have a theory, and this is my theory that I have, that is to say, which is mine. (Sorry.) All three of these guys have daughters; the ringleader’s is approaching the age where she’ll be shown it (or it’s modern equivalent, which I can’t imagine has more sperm in it, really) in school. They’ve never seen it, of course, being male, and taking a commendable interest in their kids’ education, decided to find out what thay’d be faced with questions about.

    Right. I’m afraid to hear what’s on deck for next week.

  3. Craig Welsh says:

    I keep think about the Kids in the Hall skit where Dave Foley stands up and says “I’m a man…comfortable, with menstruation.” And then goes on to lecture how he has no problem with mensturation and would have no problem with….well, he goes on at length to discribe the process.

    I’m beginning to have serious concerns about the men in your lives there, Vicki and Heather…

  4. Dave Foley and the Kids were da shizzle (as they say). I can’t remember that skit in particular but, I bet it was great!

    Heather, I think you’ve probably hit the nail on the head with your observations… or at least I hope so. That’s the only explination that sounds… appropriate.


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