Recent experiments

The past few days have seen the following experiments (I’ve done others, but haven’t taken or posted photos of them yet as the USB ports on my desktop don’t work and I have to rely on the use of John’s laptop to get photos off the camera):

  1. acrylic medium transfers on fabric and on paper – thickens the fabric and makes it a bit shiny
  2. fabric book prototype, destined to hold the monthly results of my contribution to the Abstract-Challenge Group. Embellishment to follow as inspiration hits.
  3. Inside of fabric book.
  4. Fiddling with rubber stamps and fabric paint
  5. A page from my idea book, with a rough sketch of the basis for an accordian-style book that, when opened, will form a circle of stones that can stand independantly. One side will have text, the other will be fabric stones. Still working on a prototype.


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  1. sarai says:

    Oh, Vicky! that is exciting stuff. I love the text-on-fabric. The lighting in your photographs too.

    And, the tiny tiny happy face at the bottom of each web page charms me.

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