I could get addicted to this….

I took another solo jaunt this weekend, this time sans kid, husband and dogs, and headed out to the Waterwitch section of the East Coast Trail between Cape St. Francis and Pouch Cove. I didn’t go all that far, not having really intended to go hiking and therefore not having on the proper footwear for scrambling around on rocks in the snow. Just went in a couple of kilometers and climbed whatever large hills I could safely tackle, as I was looking for good views and a chance to stretch my leg muscles.

At the trailhead, the following memorial plaque is posted:

Near the beginning of the trail, there’s a fork, with the left-hand branch leading up into the woods and the right-hand option huggin the clifftops. I took the right and the views were worth it (the trail wasn’t all that close to the edge, either). The two forks merged again later, but taking the inland route would have definitely lost me the following vistas:

I’m a bit of a sucker for interesting rock formations. This one was especially dramatic, given the snowy highlights and the colours of sky and ocean.

It was that powdery, fluffy kind of snow. Horrible for snowmen, but great for photos. No wind meant that things were nicely coated…

The view towards Cape St. Francis was, as usual, stunning.

I must say, I could happily get seriously addicted to having consistent time on my own…


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