Random collection of oddities

I have a whole passel of things which, individually, aren’t blog entries but are probably worthy of jotting down:

  • This is our first real blast of winter in a month or so. High winds, -10 Celsius (before windchill). Not liking it. Please go away, weather…. At least it’s sunny today. Cold, but sunny.
  • It’s election day. I have to vote. In fact, I have to organise our entire family to get out and vote. Must remember to do this! Must also figure out which is the lesser of the evils…
  • Splenda ruins the taste of good coffee. Sugar Twin is marginally better and is at least devoid of that horrible aftertaste. Don’t waste money on Splenda.
  • Border Collies shouldn’t run hard on frozen sand without having their paws taped. Moss took all the skin off his front ankle pads on Thursday and hasn’t been able to run hard since. John tried to take him to Mom and Dad’s to play with Luke last night (and give me some time to work) and came home almost instantly because the pads hadn’t healed enough. We’ll give it three or four days and then bandage them for a play session.
  • Indian food cooked by someone else who knows what they’re at after a day of playing with toxic chemicals with a good friend is a wonderful thing. A full day of assorted company with assorted good friends is even better. Thanks Heather!
  • Katherine is now on week three of constantly eating, sleeping, and reading with The Gruffalo. If Doug is reading this blog entry, we cheerfully inform you that she loves it AND (even better) we don’t mind reading it five times a day. Each. Yet.
  • Started work on a coptic-bound book last night. Have the pages mostly figured out, but think this is going to be a more free-form deal than other books.
  • There are not enough hours in the day. Short of living a strictly regimented life in which everyone is on a schedule with no room for deviation or spontaneity, there’s no way of getting everything done.
  • Other people’s dreams are never as interesting as your own.
  • I’ve had nightmares for the last two weeks.
  • Last night, I was being chased by Carlos the Jackel. I woke up while writing my farewell letter (that he kindly allowed me time to write before shooting me). Not the best footing on which to start a day.
  • A few nights ago, John, Heather and I were in a bus that fell off a cliff into a river. Luckily we were able to scramble out and I woke while we were huddled, shivering on the foot of a bridge pier, waiting for rescue (Yes Heather, apparently when I go, I get to take you down with me. Probably best to avoid any form of public transportation that skirts clifftops with me for the next while.).

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