On the design wall…

I finished (or almost finished) a couple of pieces last night. 

This first one uses that tissue paper/cheesecloth/glue/dye mess that I wrote about some time ago. I’ve been playing around with embellishing it and how it handles and I have to say, I’m impressed.

This is titled “Stream of Consciousness” and, once again, is a mental meandering from the Abstract-Challenge group. A past theme of “music” triggered this work. It represents a stream and the way in which the musical sounds of a stream provoke introspection and contemplation. The beads scattered throughout are either bubbles, or the pricks of light in space, depending on how you want to see it. John said it looked like a nebula to him. It measures 8 1/2″ square.

it’s a multi-media construction – paper, fabric and wool, embellished with Japanese glass seed beads and quited with metallic threads. The border/binding is hand-dyed wool from The Fleece Artist (can’t say enough about the superb quality and exquisite beauty of their work!).

This piece is an older piece that I’d left in limbo for a year or so. I decided to finish it off and get it off the drawing board and onto the wall. It’s also an Abstract-Challengely themed piece for “cold” (or “winter” – I can’t quite remember.

It’s sheers laid over hand-painted fabric in such as way as to suggest a landscape in winter. The infamous Camus quote (“In the depths of winter I realised that there was within me an invincible summer”) is written on one of the layers in the sky. Trapped under the snow are some broom seeds that my mother-in-law brought me back from Scotland (broom will grow anywhere – hence their suitability for representing the invincible hope of spring). I stitched the edge in hand-dyed silk embroidery floss.

Right. Now back to the design wall for another round…..


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  1. mary hood says:

    Stream of Consciousness suggests an angel to me. It’s gorgeous!


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