Rummaging through the chaos: found some Art Trading Cards

About a year or so ago, Art Trading Cards (2″x3.5″ pieces of artwork mounted on cardstock or stiffened in some way) were all the rage. I had half a thought to partipate in some of the swaps, but (like many things in my life) I never got around to it. I found these in one of the baskets of unfinished projects last night. 

Some need their edges sewn and a few need a couple of beads here and there. I’m planning on finishing them off and working them into a larger piece (or several larger pieces) of some sort(s). The rocks below might be a nice minature triptych and some fo the birches might group well together.

Unless anyone is interested in a trade still. Apparently art postacards are currently in vogue, so I’m a bit behind the times. These are largely Angelina Fibers and hand-painted fabrics on hand-dyed silk, stitched with metallic threads.

I think that the main reason I didn’t send them (apart from family chaos, a toddler and four dogs, that is) was that I would by far prefer to trade directly with individual artists with whom I have at least a passing acquaintance. Centralised swaps are not really my thing.


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  1. r.e.wolf says:

    I think they’re gorgeous, especially the second row of the top photo!

  2. arlee says:

    I tried ATC’s but found the size way too limiting. Even postcard size of 4×6 seeemed daunting at first! Got comfortable with that, but prefer a *leetle* larger still:}
    Wonderful series, deep and mysterious, love the imagery–will your fabric journal be like this ?:>

  3. diana bahler says:

    I like ATCs! Am planning a New Zealand/Australia/U.S.A. swap in the next couple of months but I would gladly do a personal trade with you!

  4. vickyth says:

    Hi Diana,
    I’d be delighted! How do we arrange such a thing?

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