Blogging must be one of the fastest-spreading computer viruses out there.

My husband has started a blog. I’m not really sure what his theme is (if any), but he seems to delight in putting into words the meanderings of his fascinating mind. He’s a lawyer by day, father, husband and ninja swash-buckler by night. At least, that’s my suspicion. I’m not sure about the lawyer part.

I quite looking forward to reading what he writes as he’s a good writer and elaborates lucidly on things that he sometimes only has time to touch on when we chat. There’s also the “fascination with one’s mate” quotient – I always enjoy hearing about how his mind churns and what he’s thinking. It’s also interesting, from my perspective, to see how well I’ve grasped what makes him tick. Thus far I’ve been reasonably on par, as various Christmas and birthday presents from assorted years have hit the themes of a couple of the entries.

Keep writing, John! You have at least one reader…


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