Proof positive…

…that men never grow up. Katherine had a birthday party, in which the snow figured heavily.
My husband, a lawyer, engaged in the futile endeavour of being an angel.

Our friend, Adrian, with Sam. Both are about six years of age, give or take.

My husband, demonstrating to young Katie how to throw oneself off a bank into a pile of snow.

“Jump head first!” everyone screamed. And he did. That’s my man…

“Let’s both jump into the drift,” said Bob.

“Um, we’re stuck. Don’t laugh! It’s cold in here!”

The Abominable Snowman lives, in the form of my brother-in-law, Bob.

The kids had fun too. Katie and Abby hit a bump….

Abby screams in mortal terror.

Sam goes for the creativity vote.


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  1. sarai says:

    That’s incredible!

    I’m just sitting here, laughing. It looks like a lot of fun. A lot.

  2. My kids, while present and equally snowy when they came in, didn’t seem to get caught by the camera, but had a ball nonetheless. I prefer to be on the hot chocolate squad, myself.

    Looks like Bob has to change his Flickr icon. I may have to sneak in there and do it myself, if he puts it off.

  3. vickyth says:

    I think Jean was up by the side of the house, off with Katie doing whatever it is they were up to. I was more down back. I managed a few shots of the back of Eleanor’s head, but ended up spending more time pushing her down the hill on her sled than shooting her…..

  4. arlee says:

    As much as i love Vancouver weather, i DO miss a good Snowday and Snowday games! :}

  5. Gemma Grace says:

    Great fun! I was born in the Maritimes and I grew up in Montreal with heaps of snow. Now I live in Southern Ontario where the best we’ve had lately is ‘icing sugar snow’. I miss flinging myself into a good drift! Wonderful, joyful pictures 🙂

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