Chasing the Moon

They’re called “lunatics” for a reason; their craziness is partially controlled by the moon. Only crazy people go out with a camera and a tripod and stand on a hilltop next to an abandoned house in the wind in the night and take photographs of the moon over the water.

That’s me.

Valentine’s Day evening, and I’m standing in the cold, losing feeling in my fingers. To add insult to injury, I even jammed the zipper of my pocket shut. The pocket with my car keys in it. When you can’t feel your fingers, fiddling with a zipper is nigh on impossible. I was almost to the point of just ripping, when it gave.

Anyway, here’s the photo of the ocean that I got in the cold. The tree photo was taken down the road a-ways, when I decided that getting frostbite wasn’t such a bad thing after all and went for round two of photos for the evening.

I’m trying to decide if I’m a martyr or a sucker. I suspect there’s a thin line between them on most occasions!


Anway, next time I wear gloves.

Silvern branches


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  1. Very impressive pictures, Vicky. I especially like the look of the full moon through the bare tree branches. My fingers are becoming cold in sympathy!

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