Mr. Romance

We are not one of the couples that go all-out for Valentine’s Day. There is no chocolate. We don’t go out to dinner. No presents, pink or and fluff of any sort. We’re just not that sort of people. Romance for us is a walk together or simply time spent talking. Those are the vitamins that we regularly feed our marriage, so a day of celebrating “lurv” once a year seems superfluous. Besides, I really don’t like pink. Really. I heard on the news last night that your average Atlantic Canadian in a relationship spends $79 on Valentine’s Day. We’re the reason it’s not $100. (Bell curves hate us.)

My husband has, on occasion, surprised me with a rose, usually on our anniversary. I’m always surprised, because while he’s a thoughtful person, he’s not a bunch of roses kind of guy. He’s more of a new pair of hiking poles kind of guy, or a new set of batteries for the digital camera fellow. He appreciates flowers and enjoys the garden, but roses are not generally his thing. His garden project is the ericaceous border (heather bed, for you non-plant people). Frankly, I’m not really a rose person either, although I make an exception for yellow roses.

So last night, he comes home from work and has a yellow rose in his hand. My first thought was, “huh?” followed by, “don’t drip on the floor!” as the little cap on the end of the rose had apparently come off. I rounded up a vase and was about to turn on the tap…

Then I noticed that it had a tag and was made of polystyrene or somesuch. The following converstion ensued, with much laughter on both sides:

Me: It’s beautiful. And it’ll last such a long time…..

John: Shouldn’t you put it in water?

Me: Um, no…. you do know it’s fake, right?

John: Noooooooooo……….. Oh shit.

Me: (laughing) That’s okay. We can use it again next year…..

John: (turning crimson) I can’t believe I did that…

Me: Don’t worry about it. (bending the stem) See? It doubles as a necklace!

John: But the florist told the guy in front of me that it would open more if you stuck it in water…..

Me: So there’s another couple having this conversation somewhere?

The only nuisance is that I now have to store it….

John, for generously and selflessly giving up your lunch money and nobly standing in a long line to buy your wife a flower on Valentine’s Day, I salute you! In this case, it has to be the thought that counts….. and it counts for a lot.


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