On the design wall…

It’s been a slow week, but I need to post something, if for no other reason than to reassure myself that I have actually been working. I know I’ve been thinking, mulling, ruminating and planning, but it helps to see actual results periodically so as to validate the thought process!

Making progress on the pillars of the church in “Foundations”. I’m currently auditioning fabrics for the concrete ruins and planning ways of possibly adding light and shadow to the piece as a whole.

It’s in the “post it on the wall of the studio and think about it” stage, which means it sits there until I tweak it to satisfaction or until an epiphany drags me in an entirely new direction. It’s about 40″x 30″ and will likely finish up at around those dimensions.

The pages of my book are coming along quite nicely. I jest need to finish a few, add text to many and then organise and edge the leaves. It’ll be bound in a Coptic-style binding. So it’s getting there.

You can see the pages a bit more closely here:

And here:

The lighthouse scene is coming along quite nicely. Fabric selection done, placement done and now have to do some work on the waves in the foreground. I’ve already started thinking about the borders and have a pretty clear plan in mind for how they’ll look.

A detail of the lighthouse and point below. Overall, I’m quite happy with this piece. I’m a little burned out on doing lighthouses, although they always seem to sell well. This summer, one of my plans is to take some outings to lighthouses I haven’t yet portrayed and acquire a new set of pictures and sketches for the coming year. Lighthouse pieces are certainly dramatic. If I can retain the enjoyment of making them, they’ll be much better works. To do that, I need fresh material! Still, this one is pretty good. I think the sky and ocean make it.

Must toodle off now. Hopefully I’ll get a good chunk of work time this weekend and will have more to show for the week afterwards!


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  1. sarai says:

    Looks like a productive week to me! I am excited about that book especially.

  2. Micki says:

    I am so impressed with your work. I, too am eager to see your journal when it is finished.

  3. Wow, you do beautiful work. It looks like you dye your own fabrics. So stunning.

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