Book Finished!

Finally finished the book. Phew! It’s a nice little thing – fits comfortably into a hand. I’m quite please, overall. A good inital effort and definitely a great start to book-making.
This is the front cover, done in metallic acrylics with a calligraphy pen and embellished with silver foil.

The spine, after stitching. It’s bound in a Coptic style.

A view of the book, lying flat. It measures 6″ x6″ and is 2 inches thick.

The front cover….
The inside of the front cover. It’s a CD painted, scratched and embellished to  work as a mandala. The paint was scratched away to reveal the holographic shine of the CD. The centre is a piece of fabric embossed with foil.

Inside of the back cover. Done much the same way, but the centre piece is a circle of Angelina Fibers.

Spread one – inside cover and first page.

The right side has a write-up about the islands in the area of Tor’s Cove, Newfoundland; a community on the East Coast Trail.

Spread two – “Storm Rising” (silk on cotton)

Spread three… more on Tors Cove on the left and a sun setting in the woods on the right (paper and cheesecloth on cotton)

Spread four – “Ice-cycles”. Cotton with acrylic paints.

Spread five – “Lost”. Cotton with acrylic paints and tissue/cheesecloth paper.

Spread six – “Echoes”. Cotton with acrylic paints.

Spread seven – “Steps on Leaves”. Cotton with acrylic paints and ink.

Spread eight – “Ablaze”. Cotton with acrylic paints and assorted threads.

Spread nine – “Elegance”. Cottons and inks.

Spread ten – “Wake at dawn”. Cottons with painted cheesecloth.

Spread eleven – “Endings and beginnings”

Back cover

Thus concludeth this book. More projects to come over the weekend!


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  1. Maureen says:

    Vicky I’m so much in awe of your beautiful book.
    If all the rest of your projects remain WiPs forever,you’ve made a wonderful statement here.

  2. arlee says:

    Absolutely amazing! Great idea with the CD’s. Such a beautiful little book, sigh…..

  3. sarai says:

    Oh Vicky, that’s incredible. It makes me want to sing. I, too, am in awe.

  4. Micki says:

    Vicky, your book is so amazingly incredible. Each spread just gets better than the one before. I could look at this over and over. What did you use between your pages to make them stiff?

  5. So beautiful! Amazing. Something to treasure forever.

  6. Emmy says:

    It is realy a wonderful book you must be very happy whit this book.

  7. Mags says:

    Wow, this is the most fantastic journal I’ve seen. There is a feast on every page. I’m so glad I happened on this blog for the first time today.

  8. sureby says:

    That is absolutely amazing. What a great job. You are one talented person. Are you going to show it like in a gallery somewhere so we can see it in person?

  9. jon hayes says:

    its great! I especially love spreads 3 and 10. And I love how you suggest bringing it back to the beginning by concluding with “some journies are worth repeating”.

  10. Karoda says:

    I found you via Arlee and I just have to say I love this book! Visually it tugs at the heart.

  11. herhhimnbryn says:

    beauty book! I want to hold, touch and gaze at it.

  12. Cathy says:

    I also found you by way of Arlee. Love the book, you’ve done wonderful work here

  13. vickyth says:

    Thanks, everyone! Arlee, you certainly generate a lot of web traffic!
    Answers to assorted questions:
    The stabiliser was Pellon medium-weight for the pages and super heavy-weight for the covers.
    This is indeed my first book.
    It will probably be in my October show at the Devon House Gallery, St. John’s, NL. I’ll post announcements and whatnot on the blog as the time draws nearer.

    One of the interesting things that I found about making this book was the tactile component. It definitely draws the hands to it, much as do those touch and feel kids’ books. Something to keep in mind when making them – they will get more handling than most wall-mounted artwork. Some sort of display case or stand is a good idea.

  14. muriel2006fr says:

    So beautiful! I’ll give the link to my friends.
    Muriel in France

  15. vickyth says:

    Salut, Muriel! Merci d’avoir remarqué sur mon blog et mes oeuvres creatives!

  16. Nadine LJ, in NY says:

    Your book is definitely one of the most creative I have seen. It is really encouraging and inspiring us to create our own.
    Merci Muriel pour nous avoir fait connaitre ce lien.

  17. vickyth says:

    Thanks for stopping by! Je suis entraîne de fabriquer un autre livre, avec un thème medieval. J’espere de l’avoir completé cette semaine…. (mais j’ai dit ça avant…)

  18. Oh, so lovely and welldone!

  19. Colette says:

    PRobably a little late to comment on this but I JUST discovered this site and book. YEs it’s beautiful and I admire the finesse of the sewing in and around each page.

    NOw why is this a BOOK? what makes it a book? is it because it is bound? or because it is written in? or because it has pages?IS it a picture book?

    I’ve been struggling with these questions around my own work and would love to discuss this with anyone.

    I make/create altered books! well sometimes they are new books too. SOmetimes fabric too-made with recycled pages, folders what have you…I use them as sketch books to help me develop techniques and resolve problems in my work as an artist sculptor. I use them as a thinking process around art.

    I took an Advanced studies ART course recently and asked questions about how to show art in a gallery, writting proposals who to approach?. The “expert ” teacher told me
    “they’ll never exhibit books!” (i wasn’t even thinking of those) I beg to differ. I think there is a movement going on around BOOKS and what they mean. Especially because books as we knew them (as to utmost truth-since it was published) are changing now. As we recognize that books like internet are NOT ultimate truths. What can WE do as artists to explore this end further?

  20. Jan Morrison says:

    found you by googling landscape quilts – I’m a writer, photographer and sometime knitter living in Prospect, NS – I love this book beyond belief – a narrative of love – tremendous project.

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