The failings of bread machines…

I love our bread machine. Less than a minute’s worth of work and we can have fresh whole wheat or multigrain bread for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch and a house that smells like someone slaved to bake. Typically we have set the machine up in the evening, timing it so that the bread would finish just before we woke up.

We can’t do this anymore.

If we set the machine to finish at 6:50, it starts the baking portion at 5:50. At approximately 6:20, a little voice wafts over the stairs, along with the smell of fresh baking bread, “I neeeedddd some toooooooaaassstt!”

She can sleep through three dogs erupting in fury, phones ringing when they’re accidentally left in her room, explosions from a movie on a television in the next room, and all sorts of other stimuli.

But fresh-baked bread? Wakes her up every time.



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  1. jon hayes says:

    that is wonderful.
    I remember waking up to the smell of bran muffins baking.
    It really is a welcoming way to step into a day.
    Now it is the idea of the potential coffee that gives me the motivation to put two feet on the ground.
    But maybe I’ll pull that breadmaker out of the spare room and put it to use on sunday…..

  2. Maureen says:

    Come on down!
    My daily loaf is at the nose twitching stage right now.
    My DH can smell it from a mile away.
    I used to hand make my loaves,but……..
    better than sliced bread is a BREAD Maker…………I’m currently on my third…….plumb wore out the other two!

  3. Sophie says:

    I can appreciate that!! I love the smell of bread baking

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