Katherine’s musical “evolution”

Katherine has discovered music videos. The somewhat dated adult pop music kind. To be precise, she found Herman’s Hermits.

I have a couple of mp3s of Herman’s Hermits playing on Ed Sullivan and had not realised that they were, in fact, mpegs. I upgraded Winamp today and it must have changed some file associations, because we were listening merrily to a wild mixture of music from Wonderful Grand Band, Doug and the Slugs and Great Big Sea, when up popped up a video screen. I had inadvertently selected a Herman’s Hermits song and it had a video attached.

1965. Herman’s Hermits playing Ed Sullivan. I’m Henry VIII I Am. (I actually quite it, or did, until today. My tolerance is waning quickly.)
She’s in love. I had to repeat it for her eight times. And the song only has one verse, repeated three times per performance. Mathematically speaking, I heard about the marital habits of Henry’s wife twenty-four times.

Now she’s “Into Something Good” which is at least a change…..


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  1. mary hood says:

    Wow! This brings back memories of my teen years. These were two of my favorite songs too. Shows the child has good taste!


  2. jon hayes says:

    I can understand getting tired of Henry 8th, but I don’t think I could get tired of “into something good”. such a happy, hopeful song.

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