More potty mouth


Me: “I’m really proud of how you’re using the potty, Katherine.”

Katherine: “I’m using the potty and when I do the pee I can get Spenser.” (Spenser is a train from Thomas the Tank Engine)

Me: “We’ll see. Maybe if you use the potty a few times we could get a train.”

Katherine: “If I use it a few times, I could get Skarloey AND Spenser too.”

Me: “I’m very happy about you using the potty.”

Katherine: “I’m very happy about the trains.”

Me: “Are you happy that you’re doing a good job on the potty?”

Katherine: “Mmm-hmm. And the trains. I’m very happy about the trains. Go away Mommy. I want to think about the pee by myself. You can come back when we go to get the trains.”

This potty stuff is bloody hilarious.


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  1. mary hood says:

    I say, you’re not doing this a minute too soon. If she gets any older she’s hold out for a bike or God help us a car!

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