Quick sketch – playing with pastels

pastel sketch

Pastel dye sticks on cotton, 30″ x 20″.

Thought I’d post this because

a) it’s the first time I’ve used pastels since Junior High School (that’s grade seven, when I was 13 years old, or nigh on twenty years ago, take your pick)

b) It’s something interesting I’m working on

c) Kathy Molatch gave me some fabric pastels and I know she’ll want to see what I’ve been up to with them

d) it’s a nice picture

e) I have plans for borders, stitching and whatnot and want to show the progression

f) Jackie (known as Jaxpix to the Flickr community) in Lancashire took a stunning assortment of images of a stone circle near Coniston from which the inspiration for this sketch came. She gave me permission to use her photos for artistic purposes and I, in turn, send you back to her photos which are well worth a look. The Internet is a wonderful place…..


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