Fish with a tan(nery)

fish leather 2This stuff is just cool!

I was given a bag of fish leather scraps the other day and am seriously having too much fun. There aren’t any really big pieces in the assortment, but there are enough scraps to do some interesting things with margins, which was my hope.

It has a really neat texture and, while not as supple as some regular leather, is every bit as soft to the touch.

In fact, I like it sufficiently (suf-fish-ently? ) that I may order some entire fish hides (boy does that sound weird to type) for future book covers.
If folks in monasteries had realised that fish leather was a viable product, you can bet they would have made books on an entirely different scale…

(sorry. couldn’t resist.)


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  1. sarai says:

    Wow. It never even occurred to me that fish had hides. My mind is now so full of puns (concerning, say, your profishiency as an artist that lets you sea the possibilities in embellishing and fin-ishing books) that I think I had just better stop.

  2. Oh my Lord, there’s another one of you. Pretty coloured hides, though. Should I now be lobbying for full use of fish remains as opposed to the terrible waste of dumping all that offal for the gulls?

  3. r.e.wolf says:

    I had no idea there was such a thing! The colours are fantastic and the texture is pretty fascinating. The pun made my wife wince. I liked it!

  4. Caitlin says:


    barramundi leather is used here in Australia to make high end (to die for!) shoes…do a search on Terry Biviano if you’re interested. It’s a beautiful supple leather….

    Other leathers I would love to get my hands on – emu, ostrich – ohhh, the TEXTURE!

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