Chugging merrily along

Things are proceeding apace. I have most of the layouts finished and am now fixing things in place, making note of embellishments that must be afixed in later stages and generally working through both assembling and visualising the finished piece.

I’m quite happy with this book in general and am particularly happy with certain spreads and aspects.

A couple of photos of pages that await only stitching, beads and other forms of embellishment that can only be added after all stitching and ironing has been done:

layout 1

layout 2

I was sent a box of fabric pastels the other day and have been having too much fun playing. Many thanks to Kathy Molatch in Maine (whom I met years ago through a mutual love of border collies and fabric) who, upon hearing that I was stranding on an island devoid of fabric pastels, contrived to supply me! Border collie owners of the world unite! I’ll get something fun in the mail to you at the end of the week…..


In fact, I got these pastels on the same day as some paints, glue and foil came from G&S Dye, so it was a splendid day, replete with possibility!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Laurie Dempster says:

    Stop having so much fun !!
    You’re supposed to be working 🙂

  2. vickyth says:

    Hey, if I can selll it, it’s work!

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