John, you’ve been ratted out


Me: I think you like noodles and cheese. (For the record, we’re talking real noodles and real parmesan, not KD.)

Katherine: I LOVE noodles and cheese.

Me: What do you like about noodles and cheese?

K: The cheese. I like the cheese.

Me: So you’re just in it for the parmesan?

K: Mmm-hmmm. Just for the cheese. Daddy is too. But not you. You like just the noodles.

Me: I don’t like cheese?!? Who told you that??

K: Um… Daddy. Me and Daddy like the cheese. You can eat the noodles.

John, darling, we have to get something straight…… 


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  1. john says:

    She’s lying, she’s lying! I would never sabotage a woman’s right to cheese!

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