Photo hunting again….

Patrick Street Church

One of the things that John and I loved doing in the Days Before Katherine was photo taking together. We’d drag our equipment around from place to place, shooting whatever caught our fancy.

Film and developing got to be expensive and time became a highly-desireable, yet rarely-present, commodity after Katherine’s birth, so we fell out of the habit.

I think we’re getting back into it now, though, with the recognition that Katherine is old enough to enjoy wandering along with us. Today we went to Patrick Street Church. We’ve frequently commented on it in passing and often remarked casually that we’d neither of us been inside.

Today, we found one of the doors open. There was no one around, so we meandered about, took oodles of photos and bothered no one. I actually wonder if the door was left open by accident…. It seems a shame somehow that churches have to lock their doors now.

Anyway, here are a few pictures… (John’s are here)
This staircase is off-limits to the public, but leads to the balcony and organ. I liked the light…

James Powell & Sons of Whitefriars, London, signed their windows with a small monk in a white cowl – a “White Friar.”
Signature Monk

This series of three exposures of the same window interested me because they are so radically different, yet of the same subject at the same time.
Light and Shadow



Some of the windows were incredibly ornate and replete with hidden imagery.
Faces in glass

This door was locked….
Come In

We finished the day off by going to the Ocean Sciences Centre in Logy Bay. They have seals:

This one thought we had something interesting for it. We must have been the only folks by today…..


Katherine had fun:
Chasing Mommy!

Nice to be able to do some of our favourite activities again!


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mags says:

    What a fantastic bunch of photos. Those small white windows are my favourites. very professional work. Now that you have started taking photos again. More please?

  2. BethAnn Bartlett says:

    Hi there! I was suprised to find your blog! Katherine looks all grown up now! Emma is still a tiny sprite. I loved your pictures expecailly the snow..I miss snow! Want some pictures of Palm trees, desert and camels? I have tonnes! Doha is great for photos.

  3. Hi BethAnn, great to hear from you! Get yourself a Flickr account so we can all see your pictures – camels and Emma both!

    (Oh yes, great pics, Vicky. It’s interesting to see how differently you and John see things.)

  4. vickyth says:

    Thanks, Mags! There will be more, never fear!

    Hi BethAnn! Good to hear from you again! Heather’s right – we’d love to see some photos. Try Flickr….

    Heather – yup. I think it’s good for our marriage that it be pointed out in an obvious fashion sometimes. Not that there’s any doubt.

  5. sureby says:

    Amazing photos. I love them.

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