Because we’re Canadian, eh?

Friday evening was a usual Friday; that undefinable combination of exhaustion, relief, relaxation, dread of the weekend errands and frustration that the weekend seems already to have been gobbled up by a dozen events or occurrences.

I was wandering the web in search of entertainment and found the National Mitten Registry.

You read me right. The National Mitten Registry. Mitten Find, if you will.

In Canada, we care about the welfare of even the least of our citizens and, by golly, if you’ve experienced one of our winters, you understand that mittens are integral to our survival.

Without mittens, Fredericton would hear the tinkle-tinkle of fingers smashing on pavement, Edmonton would have to pay for sidewalk ploughs to remove the digits from bus stops and St. John’s residents would find them floating in puddles of half-frozen slush. Not great for tourism.

So if you find a mitten, please take the time to register it. (Have a look at the guidelines first, though. Not all mittens qualify.)

There’s also a photo gallery in the above link, so if your left handcover doesn’t know what the right is up to, have a look….


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  1. arlee says:

    SNARFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Coffee on the screen :}) I’m sure my Edmonton ones are there somewhere……..

  2. Kim says:

    ROFL What a good post! Between my three kids, I must own the National Mitten Registry!

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