The spawn

Along the waySo we arrived home late-ish one evening and had to unload kid, groceries and other assorted goods from the car. As is our usual habit, we negotiated who would do what as we pulled into the drive. The following ensued:

John: Right. Groceries, my briefcase, Katherine’s stuff…. How are we going to do this?

Me: I’ll unlock the door and start toting things in. You unstrap the spawn and get her into bed.

John: Or you could put her to bed and leave lugging things and putting away groceries to me….

Me: No, I’ve had her all week.

John: Okay, I’ll get the spawn.

Katherine, from the depths of the back seat: NOOOOOOO!!!! MOMMY will get the spawn! Mommy! The spawn wants Mommy!

This kid is too darned clever for her own good.


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  1. sureby says:

    That is hilarious!

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