Hic, haec, hoc, wheeze (huius), wheeze, wheeze….

Solitary Reflection

I've always thought that the demonstrative pronouns in Latin sounded like a bad cold, which is what I have.

I spent Friday night hacking, felt better Saturday and so ran around a Car Seat Clinic all day-long, paid for it that night and Sunday was a walking zombie whose husband let her go back to bed for the morning.

Since I almost NEVER sleep in past 7:30 or eight, I must have been pretty sick.

I'm too far behind in life to write a real entry, so this is another photoblog day. Hopefully soon I'll pull together one of the myriad of pieces that is half-written in my folders.

Despite my misery (or possibly because of it), we dragged ourselves around Bowring Park on Sunday afternoon.

Here are some of the results…..

If anyone knows what the story is on the bell near the greenhouse, please fill me in. I suspect it is either the one that's mentioned in the bilaw and is to be rung before the park closes or (or possibly and) is from the Florizel, on which ship the son and granddaughter of Bowring (he after whom the park is named and by whom it was founded) perished.

A Bell
Spring really is here! Buds, verdant moss and croci!

tree moss

Croci, waiting for the sun

My favourite part of the park has always been the Peter Pan Statue, although it is a constant struggle to photograph it in a new way. Sunday I noticed tears in the eyes of a faerie…..


…a rat making his way towards the duck pond in search of lunch….
Rodent of Usual Size

…and a snail with ambition (but now missing the antennae he had when I was a child – worn off by so many years of children climbing).

In an attempt to be original (if such a thing is even possible with one of the most-photographed landmarks in a city), I decided to study the hands of the faeries in the sculpture. I photographed every hand that was more than an indication of a hand and made this composite:

The hands of the sculptor
A few of the individual shots are below:

Hand over hand

Digital Alteration
One of her fingers has broken off over time.
FYI: Located in Bowring Park, St. John's, Newfoundland, this Peter Pan statue is one of seven identical made from a mold by sculptor George Frampton. For more info, try the Wikipedia site on Peter Pan The other statues are located in Kensington Gardens in London, in Liverpool, in Brussels, in Camden, New Jersey, in Perth, and in Toronto.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. sarai says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon! I enjoyed this set of pictures. I like how history, life, and fantasy freely mix without discord, particularly in the aging and wear of the sculptures and bell.

  2. Maureen says:

    Vicky as I read your blog I thought back to my childhood and how one of my favourite places was Queens Gardens in Perth Western Australia.You guessed it! I used to love visiting Peter Pan!And in later years took my children too!
    Thanks for reviving memories!

  3. Vicky, you constantly amaze me with your photos.

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