The Dogs to Whom We Have Gone

Melba, 1993-2005

I rarely actually mention the dogs these days, mostly because they're not a problem. Amazing how much more creative we can be when writing about things that are a nuisance or drive us crazy than about those facets of our life which hum along quietly.

When I started this blog, we had four dogs. Since then, Melba (retired racing greyhound pictured above) has made her way along to the Rainbow Bridge. After five months of not having her around, I can honestly say that I still miss her from time to time, but my life is much more sane (insofar as that is possible. I do live with John, afterall.).

This morning I was cleaning up the "residue" of a winter with many dogs and little scooping. Times like this make you really think about how many dogs you have and what you can handle (trust me) and I have to say that I couldn't handle another senior dog right now, especially with Moss the Teenaged Wondernut around. When Melba was in her final months, I was constantly cleaning up various forms of bodily solids and fluids, both canine and infantile. I was torn between the front door, the back door and the change table; constantly opening and closing and cleaning and mopping and going out of my tree. I don't begrudge Melba a minute of that time, but I'm rather glad it's over.

Here's the current (non-geriatric) pack:

Ferg, aged 10. Doesn't let it interfere one iota with scarfing food off the table. ferg
Ferg has a snow day

Wikket, Canine Extraordinaire. I have never met a dog of her preceptiveness and intelligence. She can spell in three languages.Laughter

A dog is a nose's way of reproducing

Sometimes things really ARE black & white

We Two

And Moss. Wonderfully intelligent and sensitive boy who never lets good sense get in the way of good fun. (He's the one in back in the lower two pictures.) I have great hopes for him, if he ever grows up.

Depth of Focus
Double Trouble

Madly off in all directions!
People who like self-inflicted chaos have TWO borders, or more. I once encoutered someone with seventeen. She seemed normal to me, which was odd…..

Having a young border collie around is actually more work than a toddler. Like a child, though, the memory fades as they grow and you think, "hmmm…. another one wouldn't be so bad." Stop. Trust me. It is.

So that's our pack and my reflection thereon. Amazing what a contemplative thing scooping poop can be….


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  1. sureby says:

    They’re great thought, aren’t they? I hear you, though. As spring-like weather nears, snow disappears to reveal a whole winter of ruffage. My dog is still going on the one little patch of snow left on the lawn, just as he does every year. He’ll keep going on this increasingly smaller patch until it is all gone and then I can say that spring has sprung.

  2. Its for the “ruffage” reason that I am glad I have a cat (maniacal cuddly genius that she is…). Litter bozes are a constant chore, but I have hopes of toilet-traiing her, eventually. I have A Plan.

  3. Debra says:

    Another owner of lab and border collie here!! Katy is a 9 year old lab mix; Jake is a 3 year old McNabb BC. When we got him, I wanted the more traditional (and smaller) BC.. but rescued him.

    I cannot imagine more than 1… but we have a cousin who breeds them and she owns 5!!

    You can see my dogs at

  4. arlee says:

    I’ve wanted a border for years–but i think our cats would eat one…..:}

  5. sue b says:

    Beautiful dogs ! We have 4 (one is a greyhound) and some days it feels like 40 !

    Wanted to let you know, for some reason the last few entries your first picture is covering up most of the text and I am unable to read the first paragraph.

  6. Vicky says:

    Sureby – One of ours does that. It’s hilarious!
    Scott – I’ll deal with dog poop over cat any day of the week. Smells less.
    Debra – Aren’t labs and BCs the perfect match in terms of personality and energy levels? We find them to be just about right for each other. Two BCs wind each other up, but a BC and a lab seem to settle on a lower energy scale.
    Arlee – No, your cats would be reduced to an exhausted bundle of fur on top of the fridge. Although, that said, Wikket only chases cats when asked to, so not all BCs are created crazy.
    Sue – what browser are you using? I’ve checked it in Explorer, Firefox and Netscape and it looks fine. Perhaps the resolution has something to do with it. I’ll muck around a bit during the day and see if I can’t come up with a working solution. Thanks for letting me know!

  7. Craig Welsh says:

    I still miss my cat…:(

    Cathy is finally reaching the point where a dog will be happening this year. Our apartment doesn’t allow them. But she’s now reached the point that the hassle of moving is secondary to the lack of dog.

    I’d love to have a retriever or Lab, but they’re a bit high maintenence for such a cold climate that would require them to be inside a lot. And a border collie would be suicide.

    She’s looking at a Chow right now. One of her colleagues as a pair and they’re friendly, quiet, can handle the cold and are lower maintence.

    I’ll be glad for one, personally. She’ll stop picking on me so much.

  8. Carol Dean says:

    The trick is to have border/lab mixes, just as much personality, not quite as much energy 😀 I now have a 9 year old border/lab (her sis died 2 1/2 years ago) and two 3 year old lab/sharpeis, and two cats, all female, all my kids. I just posted my own set of family photos this week as well. They are my joys. I admire those of you who do this with “real” kids added to the mix. Hats off.

    By the way, Arlee, the cats are only a problem when they are outside of the house . . . then the dogs consider them free game, just one more reason our cats are indoor cats 😉

  9. herhhimnbryn says:

    Oh, this post resonates with me. We only have one dog ( so far) and he has become my shadow! Your dogs look and sound lovely. Thankyou for sharing.

  10. Felicity says:

    I’ve just come across your blog (through a link from Artmixer) and wanted to say how much I enjoyed your photos – they are simply beautiful! You have a great eye for composition.

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