You’ve heard of the Newfoundland Dog, but have you seen our pony?

Hillside Grazing
Frankly, one could make the joke that there's not much size difference between dog and pony (although really, there is). The Newfoundland Pony is not a big animal – they come to about mid-torso on me and I'm not vertically enhanced in any way. They were historically used for hauling wood, fishnets, fish, carts, sleighs and basically doing whatever was needed around a homestead in Newfoundland. (Incidentally, the dogs were used in much the same way.)

There are roughly 250 Newfoundland Ponies left in the world. Some are in Newfoundland, some in other parts of Canada. I'm not sure if there are any in other countries or not. They have fabulous personalities and are able to deftly manage the most ridiculous of terrain.


Katherine and I wandered over to see some of them today. We've tried in the past, but they weren't accessible for much of the winter and, in summer, tend to ignore passersby who want to get them over from the other side of the field. We happened on them today as we made our way to the post office and stopped for a gawk. When we showed no sign of spontaneously showering them with carrots and apples, they left. The look of disgust above says it all.

Quiet Day in the Sun

a quickr pickr post


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  1. jon says:

    I have newfoundland ponies and i think anything, even this little blog thing is good for them because it would be a shame to see them go. i have about 12 ponies.

    1. kevin says:

      We are looking for 2 small ponies. Would prefer mares.
      We have a beautiful barn with lovely fenced meadows.
      The ponies will be for pets.

  2. puzzled says:

    Are you sure the above photos are of NL Pony’s. For one thing they look a bit to short and their characteristics are not the same. I have 4 NL Pony’s and would be happy to send you a few pictures for you to compare. These look like Shetland Pony’s.

  3. Black Beauty~ says:

    Are you sure there newfoundland pony’s they lok a bit like a shetland in a way. I have been studying newfies for quite a while but i have never came across ones like these.

  4. Bridget K. says:

    As a kid I adored ponies. In a stable, to where I often went to have a little ride. There was a Newfoundland pony, and it looked like a small horse in way. It wasn’t like that ponysh at all. But I think too, that the pony in the stable could’ve been a cross – which would be quite a typical case in the case of imported animals.

  5. Bridget K. says:

    Where have gone “the modern newfoundlandian group” – after a rocket-like beginning about two years ago – in the Facebook? -lol-

  6. tyler says:

    guees what? im from nfld im in my living room right now in port aux basques ive seen a newfoundland pony they might be small but thier strong creatures they can carry five trailers with one pony.

  7. Desirae says:

    Hi , beautiful horses I have 2 newfoundland ponies also !!

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