Katherine on “The rain…”


Me: Oh hi!

K: Can we go outside and play bubbles?

Me: Not yet. It's still raining. When the rain stops, we can go out.

K: What is the rain doing?

Me: The rain is raining.

K: What is it doing?

Me: It's raining. On The Just.  And on the unjust fella. But mostly on The Just.

K: Why does it do that on The Just?

Me: Because The Unjust stole The Just's umbrella. 

K: Oh yes! I will take that umbrella to Nana's house and I won't get wet.

At least now we know FOR SURE that she'll be a lawyer. 


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Bwahaha! Must be nice to have a straight-man that actually hasn’t heard all the jokes yet. It won’t be long before she’s demanding long detailed explanations of jokes, and the fun is over.

  2. rexton says:

    Either a lawyer, a theologian, or a philosopher. At least some sort of sophist.

  3. vickyth says:

    I was thinking more along the lines of thief….

    And yes, having a straight-faced straight-man is a wonderful thing. She already asks for explanations, but my explanations only perpetuate the humour.

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