Overwhelmed by Chaos

I was trying to work this morning and everywhere I turned, I knocked over a pile of crap.

In frustration, I then went out to the kitchen get a cup of coffee and tripped over a snowsuit en route.

This house has deteriorated past my tolerance threshold.

My studio (please note the lack of available flat space on which to do ANYTHING):


Yes, that is a kite on the floor. And a pile of laundry in one chair. You can only see half of the mess…

Am now launched into a rare tidying frenzy, part of which involves heaving massive quantities of garbage and Stuff out of this house.

If I don't post in a day or so, please email to see if I've been buried in an avalanche. I'm tackling the basement this afternoon and may not come out alive.


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Good luck, Vicky…

  2. sigbhu says:

    hey…nice photos

    but i really need to tell you: your photos are too big. they
    exceed the width of your page, and they spill over into your sidebar….

    this comment box also spills UNDER into your sidebar…

    just a little formatting glitch!

  3. vickyth says:

    I can’t control the comments box – it’s preformatted by WordPress. The reason the pictures appear too large is that you’re probably viewing 800×600 and this WordPress layout works best at 1024×768, probably because of the double columns. I’ll think on changing it. Usually I resize photos – must have forgotten to in recent posts.

  4. vickyth says:

    I’ve switched to a “theme” that only uses one column and (happily) allows me to use my own masthead. It checks out okay from my end, but could someone who has been having problems with the formatting of my blog let me know if it looks okay from your end? I viewed from a variey of browsers and resolutions and it seems okay to me…..

  5. mary hood says:

    It’s absoluely perfect from my vantage.

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