Great minds…. (or fools seldom…)

Don't you just love it when you come across someonewho thinks like you do, approaches things in a similar fashion and has already written a road map to places you've only thought of visiting?

I seem to be hanging around Lorelle on WordPress a lot in recent weeks and have found much of what she writes to be right on the money. Her take on blogging and manner of expression are concise, clear and oh-so-helpful.

One of Lorelle's extremely useful posts in recent days is her write-up of basic blogging tips, or how to make your web browser (she prefers Firefox) an ally in your blogging, rather than an enemy. Not everyone would find this fits their style, of course, because some of you persist in using Internet Explorer. I will say no more on this subject! You know who you are!

I particularly liked her tip of Ctrl-A, Ctrl-C before posting. Very, very smart, because who among us hasn't lost a post due to a computer SNAFU?

In addition, Lorelle also writes a fabulous blog on photography. I linked to it the other day and she kindly commented with the following. I'm posting it here because it contains some great links (especially the guide to nature photography) and I know not everyone reads the comments….

Thanks for the recommendations to my site, Taking Your Camera on the Road, and I’d like to also recommend that new photographers (and old rusty ones ;-) ) take a look at two favorite article series that will also help: The Basics of Nature Photography and Patterns in Nature. And if you really want to push the photographic limits to get closer than you can imagine, Closeups in Nature.Living and traveling on the road has its joys and pains, and we love sharing our thrills and chills with others. Hopefully you all can learn from our mistakes. ;-)


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  1. Blush and gush! Thank you for the kind words.

    My entire family has a motto: Learn from those who have gone before you who have screwed up royally. Don’t repeat our mistakes. 😉

    This thought has guided a lot of my technical and editorial writing, so you have paid me the highest honor by learning from my school of hard knocks. Thank you.

    I love your photographs. Photography is an amazing [fill in the blank with hobby, business, or passion]. The power to capture a moment in time, never to be repeated, is the only way most of us will ever experience time travel. Look at a photograph and you are instantly transported back to a time, place, and memory, even if the photograph is not yours. Powerful stuff. And I hope our humble articles help others learn and experience the power of photography, and writing.

    Thanks again!

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