Weekend wanderings


Cape Spear Lighthouse
Last week was a brutish week. Nasty and brutish. Not short, though. Never liked Hobbes anyway. This week promises more of the same, if not worse. The weekend, however, had an unexpected sunny Sunday in it, a Sunday on which we discovered that Katherine can now handle a 4km hike without difficulty.

We headed for Cape Spear and hiked south towards North Head. We didn't get as far as the head, but made it to Shark's Point and stopped to enjoy the view.

Cairn and Cape

Navigational aid

Seafarers often used cairns as navigational aids along the coasts on Newfoundland (and especially Labrador). This one is more of a marker for foot travellers than those on the water.


Nice to be able to flake out in the sun with a good view and a nice trail to take you home!


One Comment Add yours

  1. Zack says:

    GREAT photos….(I believe I’ve told you that before)….

    I really love the one with Katherine against the rocks & wake.

    Great work.


    (Oh…btw, I love the new site look.)

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