John: Man, I'm tired.

Me: Bed, then, I think.

John: I need a think.

Me: That sounds like a Dr. Seuss story… I need a think that drinks pink ink.


Me: Isn't there actually a story with pink ink and a think?

John: It's a yink!

Me: Who likes to think and drink pink ink!

John: Right!


John: Vicky…. we need help!

Me: No we don't! We have each other!

Scary, that we reproduced, ain't it? 


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  1. It’s not Wocket in my Pocket.

    One fish two fish red fish blue fish?

  2. vickyth says:

    Yep, just looked it up. It goes:
    “This one, I think, is called a Yink.
    He likes to wink, he likes to drink.
    He likes to drink, and drink and drink.
    The thing he likes to drink is ink.
    The ink he likes to drink is pink.
    He likes to wink and drink pink ink.
    if you have a lot of ink, then you should get a Yink, I think.”

  3. Craig Welsh says:

    I think it would be scarier to reproduce and not know any Dr. Seuss in advance, personally…

  4. arlee says:

    Reproduced the Katherine or the Konversation:}?

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