Generations of fun


One of the sets of toys that Katherine has and in which she takes great delight is a set of Fisher-Price heavy construction sandbox trucks that were once John's. They've survived all manner of use and abuse and are still beating around to this day, giving as much fun as ever they did.

Today Katherine and I built a garage for them out of some bricks… 


…. made roads, a tunnel and ramp in the remnants of a pile of dirt… 

Hard at Work

… had races and fed the trucks dirt for breakfast (what else would a truck eat??)… 

…. and generally had a very messy tonne of fun. 

The trucks had a good time, too.

There may be an immanent source of conflict, though, as the dirt pile is seriously dwindling and I have plans to finish it off today and tomorrow. We'll have to come up with an alternative truck site. Maybe I can make a construction site down in the back yard somewhere….


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  1. SkylarKD says:

    Oh, that looks like so much FUN!! 😀

  2. I remember those trucks. You couldn’t kill them with an axe. I’m so glad they’re getting reused. Hope John gets to play too.

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