If you haven’t seen me, it’s ’cause I’ve been gardening


And working, of course. But lots of gardening. Things are in full swing in our yard. The lithodora (below) is glowing beneath the lilac that’s almost out.

The Iris setosa (below) is just finishing now, but the tall and medium bearded irises are still showing their colours…..
iris setosa

Anonymous Yellow

Alice Iris

Shelley Iris

The broom plant is simply gorgeous, the columbine are stunning, the foxglove are over four feet tall now and just coming into blossom and the rose bushes are covered in buds.

We finished off Katherine’s swingset and installed the tire swing and regular swing. As you can see, it’s a hit!
Defining Summer Whee!

We’ve been busily seeding, weeding and hauling monster rocks around. Between being outside all day and at work when I’m not, the house looks like a bomb hit it, scattering clothes and dog fur. I did seven loads of laundry yesterday (hung it all on the line – we’ve cut out energy consumption by 20% since installing the clothesline and florescent bulbs) and chased virtually (but very fuzzy) dogs around with the vacuum cleaner today. A bit more civilised, but still not quite there.

Next project: flower and vegetable beds along the south side of the house and clover where there ought to be some but is none.

And weeding. The weeds will be with you always.

Blue Flag

a quickr pickr post


4 Comments Add yours

  1. albedoarlee says:

    Perfect day here too for gardeing on the other coast! Just havin’ a cold drink and a rest and checking out my friends online. Happy digging!

  2. Kim says:

    Your photography is gorgeous! What resolution are you using?

  3. vickyth says:

    Thanks folks! Kim, it’s a 4mp Sony Cybershot DSC-S60. So 4mp, although often the final image is smaller, as I use the large resolution of the image to allow for cropping without loss of image quality. Most of my photos are shot in manual mode, so I can monkey with the light metering a bit. I generally find that I need to underexpose for richer colours. But this is more information than you requested! Sorry!

  4. Kim says:

    Thanks for the update — the clarity is amazing. Oh, and I like your blog, too! 🙂

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