Proof positive we live in different galaxies

Katherine: Look Mommy! There’s a picture of chocolates in this book! John loves those chocolates.

Me: Does he really? That’s nice. Come here and get dressed.

K: I will ask Santa Claus if he will bring me a big bag of chocolates. And some bread. And an egg.

Me: Santa will bring you all that? Wow. Come here, now. You need to get dressed. Bring the book with you.

K: I will say to Santa Claus, “Pleeaaasssee Santa Claus, please bring my chocolate. Lots of chocolate.

Me: You sure have a lot riding on Santa. Come here and put this shirt on.

K: Oh yes, I sure do. Santa is my friend.

Me: You do know that Christmas is about six months away, right? In winter, when the snow comes? Almost next year, in fact. Come and get pants. You need pants.
K: Mmmm-hmmm. Will it come on Wednesday or on Friday?


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  1. Sure B'y says:

    I love your Katherine stories. They are the best. I can totally relate. My absolute fav is . My husband and I literally cried laughing at that one.

  2. rexton says:

    Children’s sense of time….
    Sometime I think it is better than ours; no feeling of stress as deadlines approach, every day is new, etc.

    Maybe Saturday?

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