Back on my feet again

In recent years, I’ve developed seasonal allergies. When I was around twenty, I got a horrendous rash after kneeling in what looked to me to be ordinary, countryside turf. In subsequent years, my feet and lower legs have been made to suffer during late July and early August because of some unknown substance.At first I thought it must be either some herbicide or pesticide, or possibly a patch of poison ivy (which normally doesn’t grow here, but since many things have been introduced throughout history, you really never can tell). The reaction was almost exactly like poison ivy (itching that makes you want to cut your skin off, a rash, blisters and scabbing), but I’ve gotten this reaction in areas that I know are free from the noxious stuff.

So I’ve been doing my own skin tests and trying to whittle it down. Knowing that it’s a skin allergy and must come from the ground has made it easier and harder, all at once. The substance of what I’ve found is that I’m allergic to grass pollen. Super. A gardener and lover of the outdoors, allergic to grass. Just peachy.

Anyway, my reaction for this year was just horrid. After exposure down on Exploits Islands, I couldn’t walk without pain. Despite Benadryl and Advil, my feet wouldn’t fit into my shoes and they ached right to the bone.

With diligent washing of feet, taking of Claritin and wearing shoes, boots and socks, I’ve managed to allay further exposure and control the effects thereof. Yesterday was the first day in almost three weeks in which I could honestly go for an evening walk and not hurt.

A nice feeling.

P.S. I’d welcome advice or tips from anyone with experience in dealing with grass pollen allergies.



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  1. arlee says:

    Oh Vicky, that sucks bigtime! It’s amazing how many gardeners *do* have allergies and yet we plough through anyways, enjoying the dirt and the growth and the allergens…..well not enjoying *them*. Wish i had some advice to give, but i just suffer through mine and carry on—being aware of them is half the battle.

  2. Ian says:

    Not sure if this is still relevant, but I just stumbled across your blog. Love your posts, they’re a lot of fun to read, esp the ones with pictures of your dogs =)

    Anyways, I’ve had seasonal pollen allergies for a while and the standard over the counter stuff didn’t do much for me. I tried Propolis (some sort of bee product) this past summer and it worked great for me. I took two each morning and was fine all day. (My symptoms are the more standard sneezing and itching in the nose and mouth, not your skin reaction.)

    Disclosure: My mom sells nutritional supplements so I used her brand but I would assume that most decent quality Propolis would have similar effects.

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