Exploits videos: loud music & lots of fun

Update: I’ve learned that YouTube does not function like Flickr in one important regard: private photos on Flickr can be externally embedded if you have access to them through the password and such. Private videos stored through YouTube cannot. In order to see these videos, you need to be logged in to your YouTube account AND to be tagged as my friend or family. Sorry about the hassle, folks, but I’d rather be safe than sorry when it comes to my kid and my friends’ kids on the Internet. If you need permission and I’ve not given it to you, let me know.

Music of all sorts formed a part of our Exploits holiday. Katherine and Mom do a rousing rendition of an old classic, with a little assistance from Luke:

Eleanor and Heather practice violin in the great outdoors, to the delight of a number of touring kayakers who overhead while wandering by.

Katherine, Sam, Eleanor and I sing this song. In fact, it got sung over and over again until most everyone was heatily sick of it. Except the kids. Eleanor had a particular grand flourish for the end, while Sam was going for the monkey look. Incidentally, I found some more verses online, some of which are appropriate for kids, some…. not so much.

Incidentally, all my videos containing kids on YouTube are privacy set for family and friends only. If you have a YouTube account and wish to be set as either of these so as to view more stuff, drop me a line. If you aren’t creepy, scary or if you are related to me in some way, I’ll add you in.


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