Quit while you’re ahead

Dialogue with Katherine this morning:

K: Could you get that drum for me?

Me: Sure. Here you go.

K: Now I will play music and you will dance.

Me: (Chuckling) No, I don’t think so. I don’t really dance.

K: Yes you do. You’re a lady and you dance.
(Note: This is where I should have stopped)

Me: How do ladies dance?

K: Like this. (Does an imitation of an uncoordinated daddy long-legs suffering from a terrible affliction that causes limbs to flay and swing erratically and dangerously.)

Me: Oh. And I dance like that?

K: Yes, except you do it bigger ’cause you’re a growed-up.


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  1. Having been subject to this little voice for a week straight, I’m enjoying your report of dialogues much more.

    T-shirt: “Growed-ups do it bigger”

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