Not dead, just dyeing

Yes, I’m back. Took a real vacation and have been chugging away at things since my return.

This summer I discovered that, even if you work erratic hours and can frequently take time off to enjoy a sunny day, you still need a real vacation and a change of scenery.

I think there’s a tendancy to forget this among artists. Sometimes we fool ourselves into believing that taking a day off here and there or going for a drive is enough to recharge our batteries. Often we delude ourselves by saying that doing something we love is self-energising and a break is unnecessary. Frequently we treat those periods during which no energy flows and we stand in the studio keeping busy and mentally bashing our heads against a canvas as time away from work, but they don’t do the same thing as a real break. Memo to self: take two weeks off and GET AWAY FROM THE STUDIO each summer. It’s worth it. I feel rejuvenated and ready to finish things off.

Yesterday and Tuesday Shelley dropped out for a spat of fabric painting and dyeing. The painting went well and I did up a few pieces that are needed to complete show projects. I also mucked around with a few dye techniques using paint. The starburst effect is done by tying fabric (I used elastics) and injecting paint at different points in the bunch. Might be a good technique for flowers, done on a smaller scale.


Note to fellow fabric painters: assorted graass seeds sun paint very nicely, although the dried stems don’t lie flat enough to work well. Some picking apart of stems and seeds and repositionoing might work. Will try again next time, when there’s no wind!

grass seeds sunpainted
Yesterday we dyed up a storm, mostly for Shelley, but I did get a few particular things done that were needed. The pre-reduced indigo from G&S Dye worked like a charm. I’m thinking the piece below looks either like jellyfish at night or snowflakes.

I unfortunately don’t have pictures, but we did a colour wheel of fabric using Rose Red, Royal Blue and Banana Yellow Procion MX dyes. The results were spectacular and the process great fun. I also do some varigated pieces that will be great for borders, binding and backings. It had been a while since I dyed anything and it was a great treat to go at it again. Must do another batch again soon.


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  1. kaysusan says:

    Jelly fish, its definitely jelly fish!

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