For those of you who aren’t morning people….

This is what sunrise looks like, from about 5:30 onwards….Up since 2am, with the promise of dawn
I woke up at 2:30am and was simply awake. I wasn’t worried or possessed of a ticking mind, just …. awake. Seriously irritating, as I knew I’d need the sleep come morning, but try as I might, it wouldn’t come. So I decided to make the best of it. I answered some comments on my blog, worked for a bit on a piece that has been giving me grief (and had a creative breakthrough), set up the coffee maker for morning and, when the skyshowed signs of the impending day, went to watch the sunrise show.
Predawn on the ocean
I went to Signal Hill and got there about twenty minutes before the sun did. The above and below pictures are of the predawn.
Walk to the Lookout
And then the sun peaked her head above the horizon and cast glittering colours thorughout the ocean.

Cuckhold's Head greets the day

Shimming dance

One last look at the results and I headed off home, to a warm bed and (thankfully) an hour or two of sleep.

A new day


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  1. Kim says:

    Beautiful….and yet so different from sunrise over our corn and bean fields.
    Wouldn’t be fun to have a group of bloggers take pictures of sunrise all on a particular day and post them?

  2. WOW… so glad it was all worth it. And then you let John go kayaking by himself! Hope you got a nap later on at some point. God made little animated fishies for a reason.

  3. vickyth says:

    Thanks Kim! The Flickr groups online have done exactly that – taken pictures of skies, the ground, sunrises, etc. all on the same day around the world. A blog equivalent might be very cool.

    Heather – I’m gunning for sainthood. I dozed on the floor in the living room for a bit of the morning and got a nap for an hour or two when John got home.

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