Weird weekend – warning: lots of whining

Fruit of the fog

Right, so we’re down to a month until everything for the show has to be completed and two days before photography for the invites has to be done. Not everything need be ready for photographing, but I do need a good selection of pieces available and they should be representative of what the show will be about. Some shots will be detail photos and others will be whole works, so I have a day and a bit to finish off the last of the quilting and binding on several pieces. Completely do-able, although I had expected to have it done by the end of the weekend. Foolish Me.

Labour Day weekend never goes as I expect it to. In fact, long weekends are generally wash-outs for me, work-wise. I always try to get lots done on weekends, because John is around and can relieve some of the kid pressure. Theoretically, an extra day in a weekend means that I have more time available and should accomplish more. The problem with long weekends is that other events (planned and unforeseen) seem to creep into the mix. This weekend I was whammed by the unforeseen. Saturday morning, I worked and was feeling zapped by the time John got back at around 1pm. I dashed to the supermarket to get a few things and felt progressively worse. Got home and discovered that I had a fever and could hardly stand up straight. Fell asleep for four or five hours and woke up, ate something and went back to bed. Next morning I woke up feeling better. Go figure. No idea what caused it, but the afternoon and evening were more or less gone.

I was fine the next day, but somehow the blueberry picking excursion that I thought was scheduled for the afternoon was slated to take place at 10am, so my morning was gone. The afternoon also vanished and four hours in the hot sun left John and I both feeling dazed and exhausted. The evening was spent recuperating, although I did do some handwork. Day two gone.

Day three was supposed to involve John and Katherine vanishing for the morning and returning to pick me up for another blueberry excursion in the afternoon, only there was a bit of marital disharmony that took the morning to resolve. Morning and creative energy gone. Decided to forfeit on the afternoon of berry-picking (which was a bit of a disappointment) in the hopes of getting something done. The spat had left me unfocused and with a wretched headache, and the Advil were not in the medicine drawer. I surmised that they were in the car with John. Staggered through the afternoon on caffeine and finally decided to have a scoop of hot chocolate in a cup of coffee. Found the Advil in the cupboard with the hot chocolate after three hours of suffering. Huh?

Anyway, I did actually manage to achieve a certain amount of completed work during Monday afternoon, but my accomplishments are nowhere near what they ought to be at this stage. Still, I should be able to get things ready in time. Plus we have lots of blueberries.

Note to friends and family – you’ll understand if I don’t answer the phone over the next few days. The ringers are off. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you when I take a break. Anyone wanting to rent a child, husband or dog can let me know and I’ll farm them out accordingly.


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  1. John says:

    Okay, let the record show that the marital disharmony was the result of the Husband being a Royal Nignog and had absolutely nothing to do with the Wife, who is a blessedly patient and long-suffering person.

    Sorry Vicky.

  2. vickyth says:

    Eh, stop beating yourself up about it. You weren’t that bad. The ambient stress in this household just now is rather thick. Besides, your apologies always more than make up for things. 😉

    I’ve never been called “patient” before…..

  3. arlee says:

    Hmmm, perhaps my Greyman and i should use this medium to make up too!
    You two are so cute :}

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