Add to your medicine cabinet…

Second Skin.

Yesterday, while I was taking bread out of the bread machine, I chanced to rest my forearm against one of the metal portions of the unit. The resulting burn took off several layers of skin in a 1.5″ x 3/4″ strip. Not pleasant.

After cooling it in water for some time, I remembered that our backpacking blister kit contained a product called Second Skin. These pads are basically artificial blisters. We use them while backpacking to treat any unhappy trauma inflicted on our feet by our boots, but their original purpose is burn treatment.

Boy do they work.

I peeled off the blue plastic backing and laid it on the burn. Within about ten seconds, it felt cool and painless. I then covered it with Steri-Strips. Ordinary medical tape will work, but Steri-Strips are wonderfully waterproof and incredibly sticky. We use medical tape on the Second Skin we use for our feet while hiking, but we use vast quantities. Steri-Strips are more discreet and probably better suited to use on body parts other than feet.

Wonderful product. Even if you don’t hike, it’s well worth having around, just in case you decide to go a round or two with an oven. Or an iron (quilters take note).


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