General Announcement


The Show is hung. Most of the details are attended to. Here are some salient announcements for those interested:

Show opening:


Laurie Dempster and Vicky Taylor Hood

An exhibit of mixed media, textile works exploring landscapes real and imagined, colour and texture, homecomings and personal responses to a variety of geographical locations.

Public reception: Sunday, October 15th 2pm – 4pm. All welcome!

Devon House Gallery, Duckworth Street, St. John’s, Newfoundland

Exhibit continues until November 10th, 2006


Laurie and I will be talking to Angela Antle and will be featured on the Weekend Arts Report on CBC Radio, Newfoundland, this weekend (Oct. 14/15).

So there it is. Hung and ready to go. I’ll post pictures of all the the work on my Seastrands Blog as soon as I get all the information formatted.

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  1. Craig Welsh says:

    Best of luck, Vicky. I hope it goes well.

    Oh, um, on an unrelated note, because it’s not like you’re sitting around with nothing to do these days, your blog is looking a little weird in IE these days. Some of the lines are not behaving properly.

  2. VickyTH says:

    Thanks for the “heads up”, Craig. It must be something weird with the new template, because it ain’t me. Not ever using IE, I hadn’t noticed. Thanks for letting me know. I’m working on fixing it.

    Please tell me you’re not using IE by choice…

  3. sarai says:

    Yay! That is happy and exciting… I’ve been thinking of you and wishing I could come see the show. Hope all goes well.

  4. rexton says:

    I wish I could be there to see it. Good luck and don’t forget to have fun; from your Seastrands site the art looks both unique and beautiful.

    Art is our memory of love. The most an artist can do through their work is say, let me show you what I have seen, what I have loved, and perhaps you will see it and love it too. (Annie Bevan)

    The purpose of art is not a rarified, intellectual distillate – it is life, intensified, brilliant life. (Alain Arias-Misson)

  5. Can’t wait. The little peeks above are tantalizing. Great quotes, Doug.

  6. Kim says:


    The wallhanging is positively luminous from across the room.

  7. Craig Welsh says:

    I am forced by an uncaring workplace that makes me use Windows machines and forces me to use IE instead of Firefox.

    And when I say uncaring, I mean they laugh at my pain. Poor bastards. They don’t know any better. I curse IE daily, if not hourly.

  8. Pet Lover says:

    Hey there was surfing through the internet and found your page on google . Enjoyed the good read wanted to say Happy New Year and keep up the good work.

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