Hanging the show

Well, it’s up on the walls. There are a couple of things that need tweaking. The lights have to be directed specifically at the pieces and the tags haven’t yet been put on the walls, but the work is hung and looks great.

Here’s the crew at work this morning, day 2. Laurie, the rug hooker and textile artist with whom I’m having the show, is at left. Katherine is busily creating masterpieces on the floor.

Hanging around

And finally, it was all up. Deep breath. Thought I might be able to take an evening off….

Almost Done
… but I still have a speech to write, some other work to take care of and am doing an interview tomorrow morning with Angela Antle of CBC. It’s air on the Weekend Arts Report. Gulp.
So there it is. Hung and ready to go.  I’ll post pictures of all the the work as soon as I get all the information formatted.


 a quickr pickr post


One Comment Add yours

  1. herhimnbryn says:

    Oh this all looks so exciting!
    Good luck, hope you get lots of red dots!

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