For Craig, to make him whimper

For those of you who use Firefox, Firefox 2.0 (Release Candidate 2) is out. I’ve been using it over the past few days and goodness is it faster. Almost twice as fast as the previous release, in fact. The only caveat is that Greasemonkey seems not to work with it (yet). Must fiddle with it some more…

And for Craig, who is forced by his evil overlord employers to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous IE – I feel your pain.


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  1. Ooh boy. Must have Greasemonkey, though, just to make Flickr easier to use, and a buncha extensions I don’t even remember are extensions until I upgrade and they don’t work. I may wait for the final release.

  2. rexton says:

    It does seem faster. At work I’ll use 2.0 for a while, while at home I’ll wait for the “stable” version. I don’t use a lot of extensions at work.

  3. Craig Welsh says:

    Funny thing about Firefox….it’s awfully slow on Macs. I use it from time to time, mostly when blogging (Blogger plays nicer with Firefox then Safari), but for all my day to day Mac surfing, Safari is the quickest thing I’ve seen so far.

    And IE is used at work because tracking programs to see what employees are up to work much better with IE than Firefox, apparently.

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