An exercise in linear thinking

Okay, say you were the sort of person that participates in memes. Or at least, say that you’re the sort of person who loves books and grants himself dispensation when it comes to literary memes (understandable).

What do you do?

Do you:

a) cut and paste the meme and insert your own answer?

b) type out every question yourself, flipping back and forth between tabs a dozen or more times?

c) do b) on your laptop next to your wife and and let her see you doing it?

The resident lawyer and his linear brain strike (out) again! Let the mocking begin.

P.S. If that link doesn’t work, it’s because he’s still typing (sound of fingers strumming table impatiently).


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  1. rexton says:

    John’s a lawyer; he had to make sure the wording was correct?


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