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Because many most of you who read this blog will not be spending thousands of dollars to fly to Newfoundland to see the show, I have taken some rather quick pictures of what’s in it and have made a blog page for them. At the time that these pictures were taken, we hadn’t adjusted the lighting. I intend to pop back to the gallery with a tripod and the proper photo lights to take better shots and will upgrade the photos on this page as I do. Also, it is a real nuisance to shoot framed works without a filter and with sunlight streaming in from all angles. I’m not sure how I’ll remedy the glare, but I’ll figure out something.

Those of you who will have the opportunity to come along to the opening or to see the show while it’s up, please be advised that the real thing glows and has a depth that cannot be captured by photography. The dimensionality of the fibre medium doesn’t really translate well into a flat photo. In other words, it’s so much better in person. You might wish to resist temptation and not look at the photos until after you’ve been through.
Swing by and have a look any time from Sunday afternoon onwards!

Devon House Gallery, 59 Duckworth, next to the Hotel Newfoundland/Fairmont.


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  1. Good photos! I really enjoyed IT!

  2. SkylarKD says:

    Oh, they’re beautiful!! Good luck with the show!

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