She has to eat because…

I was taking a moment to read some weird news on CBC the other day when John wandered in and started reading over my shoulder. At that moment, I happened to be just leaving the page about a marine who was trying to auction off the rights to rename him in order to raise some money for an orphanage and pay his family’s living expenses when he left the military to return to school.

John: Hang on. I want to finish reading this….

Me: Hurry up…..

John: (after reading) right. Okay. (seems dumbfounded)

Me: I dunno about that story, actually. Selling the rights to your renaming seems like something you should only do for charity, you know, like shaving your head for cancer or something.

John: I suppose. Although it is his name and he’ll have to live with it. Theoretically, though, his wife and child should benefit in some way from having to call him Taco or somesuch thing.

Me: Yeah, but what’s he going to do when his wife wants to go back to school? Or when his kid needs an education? I suppose for the former, he could sell the kid.

John: Which would also, theoretically, eliminate the need for the latter….

Me: And any requirements for a retirement fund, as the nice federal folks would take care of that….

(two exhausted parents look at each other, each hoping the other has the strength to reject that idea)

John: Must go see how Katherine is making out on hour two of supper. Got to get her to eat something if she’s ever going to get to marketable age. Does one sell kids by the pound?


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