Score one for the girls

I posted recently about some cosmetics cases for kids that were embellished with the slogans “too pretty to do math” or “too cute to do math” sold at Loblaws stores here in Newfoundland (and presumably elsewhere, as well). I wrote to the chain and was assured, in much the same wording as was Natasha, that the product was being recalled.

Three days later, I saw the things in the same store, on the shelf. Now I recognise that three days isn’t long enough for word to trickle down the chain to the shelving folks, unless someone is going to die from the product, but I was still sick of seeing the things there.

I grabbed one of the cases and took it to the cosmetics person on duty and asked how to speak with the manager. She said the manager wasn’t around (and doesn’t answer the phone or return messages – I tried earlier in the week), but that she was the most senior on duty in the store at the time. I showed her the case, expressed my chagrin that they would carry such garbage and she agreed. I mentioned that I’d made a complaint up the chain and the results of the email. She said they had had a couple of other complaints in the store, as well. I must have looked determined, because she said, “You know what? I’m going to take those off the shelf right now and stick them out back. There’s no point in leaving such offensive things on display until they get things figured out upalong.”

She not only cleared that display, but as I wandered off, she was in the process of checking to see that they weren’t elsewhere on the shelves. She even grabbed the product inventory for that brand and double-checked that there weren’t other similarly-labelled products made by the same folks.

Chaulk up one for the good guys (and kudos to that salesperson – I’ve sent a commendatory letter to your employers).


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  1. SkylarKD says:

    Good for you!! And kudos to the employee for doing such a thorough check.

    Interesting.. I never received a reply to my email. Glad to hear that they’ve pulled them though!

  2. Ellen says:

    Good for you for going the extra step to see that the sales person knew about it.
    and good for the salesgirl for pulling them when you told her!

    It still scares me that adults will actually go out and BUY this crap for their kids !!

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